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Case Histories in Bayonne, NJ

The following are Case Events where settlements have been awarded with the representation of Bruce S. Gates, Your Personal Injury Lawyer.

  • Icy sidewalk causes pedestrian to fall resulting in injury
  • Injuries suffered by a female who fell on an unsafe stairway in a public plaza
  • Damages awarded to a woman who fell on a hall stairway in her apartment building
  • Jury awarded damages to be paid by a building owner where a visitor fell on an uneven sidewalk
  • Settlement with a bus company to compensate a passenger who was injured when the bus abruptly started
  • Child attacked and injured by neighbor's pit bull while trying to retrieve his baseball
  • Burns suffered by waitress carelessly spilling hot soup on a customer
  • Person crushed between two mack-type trucks at job site disabling victim
  • Injury at a work site after construction materials fell resulted in loss of a leg and total disability
  • Wrongful death from a gunshot incident in a home
  • Fall down of an elderly nursing home resident results in death

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